Connected Manufacturing Leaders Summit 2020

29 - 30 January, 2020

Hotel Palace, Berlin

+ 44 (0) 207 368 9465

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Join us for our Bavarian Festival and Charity Competition

Connected Manufacturing is about networking and interaction – the fun way!

Bavarian Festival Networking and Charity Competition

Come and join our evening beer market reception, a fantastic way to end your action - packed day. Relax, enjoy and make new contacts.

Join teams and take part in competitions throughout the 2 days with a chance to win a donation to the charity of your choice.


Beer Tasting Competition

Your opportunity to pit Bavarian beer tasting skills against your peers- building lasting relationships with your peers in a fun and informal setting!


Networking Break Bavarian Drinks and Snacks

Enjoy foods and drinks with a Bavarian festive experience added to it!

This is a perfect opportunity for you to chat to new people, have fun and all for a good cause!