Smart Manufacturing Leaders Summit 2018

February 27-February 28, 2018

Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten Kempinski, Munich, Germany

+ 44 (0) 207 368 9465

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Our Speakers

Simon  Bradley
Simon Bradley
VP Innovation, Cyber Security Programme Directorate
Simon is currently the VP Product and Cyber Security Programme Directorate for Airbus. His role sits within the Airbus Digital Transformation Office and he has responsibility for co-ordinating the efforts across the company to effectively protect Airbus’ products, assets and people from cyber risk and attack.
Adrian  Polglase
Adrian Polglase
Head of IT – Defence Services
Rolls Royce
Adrian is currently the Head of IT, Defence Services for Rolls Royce, in which role he is responsible for IT capability and strategy for services across the defence sector. He has commercial and strategic experience of co-ordinating and leading large, complex and collaborative technology development projects, as well as high value IT implementation projects across Rolls Royce.
Paul  Mairl
Paul Mairl
Vice President Programme Management and Industry 4.0
Paul is the VP Programme Management and Lean Enterprise across GKN Powder Metallurgy. His role includes supporting the development of manufacturing equipment and facilities and ensuring all programmes are delivered according to customers’ expectations, on time and on budget. As part of his role within Lean Enterprise, Paul is responsible for setting up GKN Powder Metallurgy’s digital strategy and co-ordinating the move towards Industrie 4.0.
Sama  Mbang
Sama Mbang
Head of Industrie 4.0 – Smart Operations
Sama is currently Head of Industrie 4.0, Smart Operations for Daimler. His role spans the full digital transformation portfolio including the use of artificial intelligence, big data, VR/AR and product and process modelling. In addition, Sama is interested in defining a new leadership culture and game changers for Daimler’s Leadership 2020 programme, as well as change and transformation management.
Sibylle  Büttner
Sibylle Büttner
Plant Director
Sibylle is currently Plant Director for Continental, within which role she oversees over 1000 employees, with 800 in production in a location with 150mio€ in total sales. Sibylle has a deep interest in the move towards Industry 4.0 and how lean management principles and lean transformation can be built upon for successful digital transformation. As one of a handful of female Plant Directors at Continental, she also has a keen interest in supporting and developing female talent within manufacturing.
Jon Bueno  Mendieta
Jon Bueno Mendieta
Engineering – Automation and Controls
Heiko  Witte
Heiko Witte
Head of Engineering Improvement and Quality
Rolls Royce
Heiko is currently Head of Engineering Improvement and Quality at Rolls Royce. He has responsibility for leading the improvement and transformation programmes at Rolls Royce in Germany, as well as implementing change programmes. He has a specific focus on Lean and Continuous Improvement projects as well as a growing involvement in digitization programmes.
Nick  Miesen
Nick Miesen
Head of Innovation
As a member of the MT Global Projects and Engineering, Nick leads the Operational Technology, Utilities and Water Engineering team. The team’s core responsibility is to support Global Projects and Engineering to build, extend and revamp breweries. Nick’s main responsibility is to introduce new technologies in sustainability and digital transformation, to develop the brewery of the future. In his previous position at AkzoNobel, he started the digital transformation and led the “Industrial Chemicals 4.0” programme.
Klaus  Eimann
Klaus Eimann
Head of Laser Machining and Additive Manufacturing
Procter and Gamble
Klaus is the Technical Section Head of Laser Machining and Additive Manufacturing for Procter & Gamble.
Andre  Kuckuk
Andre Kuckuk
Vice President Development Manufacturing Methods
Andre is currently VP Development Manufacturing Methods for Schaeffler. His role is predominantly focused on how manufacturing methods can be improved through digitalisation and he has a keen interest in what areas advanced manufacturing technology can be successfully applied.
Alexis  Kydonopoulos
Alexis Kydonopoulos
Technical Plant Director
Alexis is currently head of the technical department at Ernolsheim sur Bruche. His main responsibilities include: leading a team of 50+ technical associates, supervising the factory’s investment portfolio (10m€ per year) from conception to installation and managing the plant’s maintenance – both preventative and curative (totalling ~3m€ per year). Alexis has a deep interest in the power of digitalisation, and how to develop aspirational teams.
Kalman Tiboldi
Kalman Tiboldi
Chief Business Innovation Officer
Kalman is currently Chief Business Innovator for TVH Group. Kalman has been recognised as one of the leading business figures in artificial intelligence. Kalman has promoted the collaboration of IT and Business within TVH as the driving forces behind their digital transformation projects. Along with his team, Klaman has also successfully implemented an IT infrastructure that has allowed TVH to become a real-time, extended enterprise.
Stig  Carlson
Stig Carlson
Director Corporate Manufacturing
Stig is currently Director Corporate Manufacturing for Autoliv. Stig is responsible for many of the digitalisation projects within Autoliv and has a keen interest in Industry 4.0 and IIoT.
Messner  Wolfram
Messner Wolfram
President Global Small Segment Operations
Gordon  Hutchinson
Gordon Hutchinson
VP Global Manufacturing Engineering
Ralf  Hagan
Ralf Hagan
Engineering Manager MES
Ralf is currently Engineering Manger, MES, for Nestle. Nestle is the world’s leading nutrition, health and wellness company. Their mission of “Good Food, Good Life,” is to provide consumers with the best tasting, most nutritious choices in a wide range of food and beverage categories and eating occasions, from morning to night. Ralf is interested in the service-orientated approach of digitalisation and how to support innovation in this area.
Dietmar Bender
VP Technology and Manufacturing
Tilmann  Kloppe
Tilmann Kloppe
Head of Business Excellence and Quality Management
Tilmann is currently Head of Business Excellence and Quality Management, Urban Transport for Siemens. His broad experience is within international business and he has a long-term involvement in managing and leading people to help him to persue his goals. Tilmann is highly interested in how he can lead an organisation to a higher performance level and adjust strategic focus and approaches through digitalisation and what the opportunities of Industry 4.0 offer the wider business.
Matthew  Stockwin
Matthew Stockwin
Head of Operations Region Europe South
Linde AG
Matthew is currently Head of Operations for South Europe for Linde. His main responsibilities are in improving safety, service, reliability and efficiency. He currently oversees over 1000 employees in over 30 locations including the Benelux, France, Spain and Portugal. With over 24 years experience in Operations, Sales and Marketing and direct P&L, Matthew makes meaningful change through his teams.
Thomas Schaffers
Manufacturing Business Manager
Edith Norrant
Edith Norrant
Innovation, Technology & Sciences Director
UCB Pharma
Edith is currently the Innovation Technology Sciences Director for UCB. Within this role, her main responsibilities are to develop innovation and new technology in the development of all new molecules, and to introduce innovation across different manufacturing plants.
John  van der Linden
John van der Linden
Global Open Innovation Manager
Procter and Gamble
Josef Kriegmair
Representative Production Turbine Blade / Structure Castings
MTU Aero Engine
Josef is currently head of Representative Production Turbine Blade/Structure Castings at MTU Aero Engines. In this role, his key interests are around the digital process chains for turbine blade/structure castings and a smart manufacturing focus on improving these processes. Josef has been closely involved in the move towards industrial IT and digital manufacturing projects throughout MTU Aero Engines.
Jesper  Toubol
Jesper Toubol
VP Elements and Moulds
Jesper is currently VP Elements and Moulds for LEGO, in which role his key responsibilities include delivering innovation to support product development and leading manufacturing site engineering. He has previously delivered organisational footprint and technology strategies across packing, decoration, assembly and packaging. He has a keen interest in the importance of collaboration between departments in order to define, recommend and implement an innovative, customer focused and consumer driven business plan.
Dr Michael Kohlert
Dr Michael Kohlert
Head of IT and Automation
Mondi Gronau
Michael is currently head of Information Technology and Automation at Mondi Gronau, where he is currently responsible for large-scale manufacturing automation and IT implementation projects. Michael is influenced by Industry 4.0 characteristics, such as big data analytics methods, real-time monitoring and man-machine interaction in order to realise and implement the potential of applications across the manufacturing process.
Cesare  Ceraso
Cesare Ceraso
Manufacturing Plant Director
Stanley Black and Decker
Cesare is currently Manufacturing Plant Director for Stanley Black and Decker. In this role, he is responsible for all manufacturing operations and manufacturing support functions. His key responsibilities include planning, organising and directing the manufacturing operations which will ensure the most effective return on assets.
Inge  Terpstra
Inge Terpstra
Operations Director
Tamas  Szabo
Tamas Szabo
Head of Industry 4.0 Project
Tamas is currently Head of the Industry 4.0 Project at Knorr-Bremse, This role sits within the Commercial Vehicle Systems R&D Centre in Budapest, and his key responsibilities focus on developing an Industry 4.0 strategy across this department.
Stefan  Zippel
Stefan Zippel
Senior MES Project Manager
Stefan is currently a Senior MES Project Manager with Umicore, and is focused on using the field of MES to help achieve better business results. He has a keen interest in working with new technologies and methods like Industry 4.0 and Smart Manufacturing to develop a more efficient production process. With more than 10 years expert-level experience in this area, Stefan believes that MES is one of the corner-stones to be able to take on initiatives in Industry 4.0, IIoT and the Smart Factory.
Stig  Victor Petersen
Stig Victor Petersen
VP Operations
Hamlet Protein
Stig is currently the VP Operations for Hamlet Protein. Within this role, much of his key responsibility lies around change management in order to effectively oversee the introduction of new processes and platforms. His vision is focused on what will make production more efficient and effective over the coming years through intelligently utilising technology.
Sergio  Ros Hernandez
Sergio Ros Hernandez
Managing Director
Sergio is currently Managing Director for Agroherni. In this role, Sergio reports directly to the Global CEO and leads the global implementation of their tailor-made lean culture management programme. His key responsibilities include developing a business and cultural turn-around thanks to the adoption of a lean culture approach, professionalising the business at pace and achieve business change based on three main pillars: people, efficiency, and sustainable growth.
Bernard Garnier
Head of Production Technology and Engineering
Bernard is currently Head of Production Technology and Engineering at VELUX Group. Within this role, Bernard is highly involved with all aspects of Industry 4.0 and has a specific focus on how digitalisation and new technology can help to create a more efficient production process.
Gil Woodward
Manufacturing Manager
Accolade Wines
Nicolas  Payen
Nicolas Payen
Director of Internet of Things Lab
The Future Economy Studio mission is to create innovative concepts leveraging digital technologies to reinvent the way we do business. Emerging technologies – like IIoT, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are transforming our economy. New ventures use new business models that are capturing value in creative and powerful ways and it is vital to understand the true power of these new possibilities.
Patrick  McLaughlin
Patrick McLaughlin
Cranfield University
Dr Patrick McLaughlin is the Course Director for the Operations Excellence MSc at Cranfield University. He has worked at director level in the manufacturing industry for over twenty years and has been responsible for several plant-wide lean manufacturing implementations. His experiences with a range of manufacturing processes and working for a number of different companies in several industries has provided him with a strong background in managing manufacturing operations, including managing growth, downturn, restructuring and relocation of manufacturing facilities.
Shaun West
Shaun West
Lucerne School of Engineering and Architecture
Shaun is currently a Lecturer for Product-Service System Innovation at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts. His specialties include service innovation in industrial markets, product development, sustainable energy systems and business engineering.
Olaf  Sauer
Olaf Sauer
Fraunhofer Institute
Olaf is currently deputy head of the Fraunhofer Institute. His key responsibilities are around the Fraunhofer IOSB’s automation specialisms at three sites. He is a member of the key Industrie 4.0 committees and holds a teaching position at the Karlsruhe Insitute of Technology (KIT).
Robin P. G.  Tech
Robin P. G. Tech
Co-founder and Managing Director
As co-founder of AtomLeap, Robin makes digitized hardware happen. Past experiences include having worked for Audi (on inductive charging of EVs) and the European Commission, as well as his research appointment at the Humboldt Institute for Internet and Society. He’s also an advisor to the German Bundestag’s ‘Digital Agenda’ committee and highly interested in technologies that help make tomorrow’s world sustainable, just, and awesome.
Michael  Natusch
Michael Natusch
Global Head of AI
Filip  Geerts
Filip Geerts
Director General
Filip Geerts is specialised in the management of corporate and governmental affairs departments of companies, national and EU trade associations and non-profit organizations. He was deputy-director for the largest Belgian association for the technological industry, public and regulatory affairs manager for IBM EMEA and secretary general for numerous European trade associations in the ICT, the electro-medical, lighting and environmental sector.